Whether you’re a seasoned professional or fresh out of school, searching for a job can be a daunting task, especially when the competition is thicker than ever. So how do you differentiate yourself enough to stand out in the crowd?

Using a recruitment partner like Epic International Staffing is the solution: we do the legwork and improve your chances of finding a job that matches your unique criteria. If you’re still unsure, read these 10 ways that using a recruitment partner will help you in your job search:

1—Immediate access to jobs all over the country in your desired specialty and setting.

If the job you’re looking for isn’t in our database, we work to identify new opportunities that best serve your criteria. Recruiters have access to jobs that aren’t even being advertised!

2—Selling your skills, and saying the things you may struggle to say about yourself in an interview.

Feel awkward telling a potential employer why you make such a great candidate? We don’t! We are constantly building you up to an employer. Other candidates, without the assistance of recruiters, don’t have a middle-man to speak on their behalf. We make sure they remember YOU!

3—Saving you time and effort.

You get to skip the back-and-forth with the potential employer: we take care of scheduling interviews, answering questions and assisting with necessary travel arrangements.

4—Helping you put your best foot forward.

Recruiters offer interview coaching and can help you tailor your resume to appeal to specific job opportunities.

5—Giving you inside information about the employer and potential supervisors, allowing you to perform your best at an interview.

We have established relationships with the facilities and can provide insight to help you appeal to them.

6—Helping you negotiate a higher salary and better benefits.

It’s easy to buckle when you get put on the spot, but recruiters make tough negotiations every day. We help you get what you deserve.

7—Understanding the fundamentals of your field.

In other words, we get you. When you start talking in clinical terms, we speak the language (i.e., we won’t ask you what you mean when you say “sniff” referring to a Skilled Nursing Facility). Our extensive knowledge of rehab therapy speeds up the process in pointing you toward your dream job!

8—Not letting you settle for less.

Many rehab professionals think they must settle in a job that isn’t their preferred specialty or setting, just to stay employed—not so! You are worthy of your dream job, and we won’t stop searching until we help you find it.

9—Costing you nothing!

You read that right—enlisting the services of a recruiter is free to you.

10—Stashing your resume for the perfect opportunity.

Maybe we don’t have the right job for you right now, but when a job comes across a recruiter’s desk that fits your skill-set and career aspirations, you’re the first to know!