Whether it’s a 7-7 or the night shift, nursing jobs have all kinds of new combinations for days on/off. This likely means you’ve found yourself bored out of your mind on a random Tuesday, wondering how to spend your day off. Your weekend days are often different than the “normal” weekend days enjoyed by some of your family and friends (in which you’re busy saving lives while everyone else kicks it in their PJs).

Instead of being bored, think of this as an opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted free time that is inaccessible to most of the workforce:

  1. Take a “day-cation”. Days off aren’t the equivalent to a vacation, but you can go out there into your city and create your own fun! Make up an agenda or just see where the day takes you.
  2. Go to a movie (or four).
  3. Put those pictures on the wall that you’ve been meaning to hang since you’ve moved, or any other home décor projects you’ve put off. Feng shui, here you come!
  4. Take a spa day – mani, pedi, massage, facial – all good things.
  5. Work out. You don’t have to become a bodybuilder! Even if it’s a quick walk at the nearest park or eight-minute abs, moving will make you feel great.
  6. Try some new recipes. Or just pin a few hundred on Pinterest. Same thing, right?
  7. Order pizza – if cooking isn’t your thing, treat yo’self.
  8. Write letters. Rediscover the lost art of the handwritten note, and tell people you love that they’re special to you. They’ll keep your note forever.
  9. Disconnect. A great way to do some soul-searching is to unplug completely: no phone, internet or TV for a day might be the rejuvenation you didn’t know you needed (unless you’re on-call, of course).
  10. Organize. Maybe it’s high time you go through that stack of mail or give the “junk drawer” in your kitchen some TLC.
  11. Call your friends back – sure, they might be at work, but you can leave a voicemail! It’s a sneaky way for those of us who hate talking on the phone to get the ball in their court. Tag, you’re it!
  12. Get your own health in check. As someone who spends most of their time in a healthcare facility, you might not have time to get your yearly physical, bi-yearly teeth cleanings, etc. Schedule your appointments for a weekday you’re not working.
  13. Set up lunch with a friend. It’s a great way to see friends who work in an office environment, as they’re more likely to be able to get away for lunch.
  14. Work a puzzle. Oh wait, the point of this list is how not to be bored. Never mind! Unless puzzles are your thing, then you keep doing you!
  15. Run errands! Take in your dry-cleaning, return that impulse buy, stop by your local farmer’s market.
  16. Clean your house? Nah.
  17. Call your parents or grandparents. If you’re still lucky enough to have them around, it’ll mean the world to them.
  18. Volunteer. Nurses, in particular, are in high demand for certain volunteer positions. Do some research, and find the cause you want to be a part of.
  19. Get to know your city. Whether you’re a native or just passing through, you can spend the day site-seeing and soaking in your surroundings.
  20. Do a random act of kindness. Something as easy as paying for the meal of the person behind you in the drive-thru line, giving an extra-large tip to a hardworking server, or taking flowers to a neighbor, you can put a big smile on someone’s face with just a little effort.