Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) help make the world of healthcare go round, and as recruiters, we place clinicians at some of the top SNFs in the nation on a daily basis. Candidates’ preferences can be fairly polarized when it comes to different facility types, so we picked a few key reasons why healthcare professionals choose a rewarding career at an SNF.

1—Working with the geriatric population

Most SNFs have an abundance of elderly folk! So if you love working with geriatrics, choosing a career at a skilled nursing facility is an easy choice.

2—Forming relationships with patients

Other than home health and hospice, long-term care isn’t common in many other settings. SNFs offer the ability to form lasting relationships with patients, seeing them through their recovery. As their rehab therapist or nurse, you often help make the final decision as to when they are discharged!

3—Large variety of patient care

SNFs aren’t usually as specialized as acute care, which can provide a large variety of patient cases, though possibly less in-depth. Neuro, orthopedic, and joint replacement patients are all in a day’s work!

4—Ability to engage in patients’ daily lives and activities

Many SNFs allow therapists to accompany patients on field trips. If you’re a rehab therapist, this permits you to engage with your patients on a whole new level, helping them do the things they enjoy again (outside of the facility humdrum). SNF therapists go beyond the tip of the iceberg, and can see the difference they make in a patient’s life firsthand!

5—Mentorship and plenty of experience for new grads

Since SNFs are a highly collaborative setting, most provide therapists and nurses with exceptional mentorship. You’ll work side-by-side with other clinicians, both experienced and new graduates, placing you in a well-rounded and supportive environment. No matter how much experience you have, being “mentorable” is a key to career success.

6—Excellent pay across the board

The overwhelming majority of therapists at SNFs are quite satisfied with their pay rate. And with Epic International Staffing as your partner, you’re sure to get the salary you deserve. See for yourself!

Looking for employment at a Skilled Nursing Facility? Contact us, and we’ll work with you to find the right facility for you.