In the world of international healthcare staffing, Epic International Staffing has encountered thousands of nurses and other allied clinicians who all have one major quality in common: the relentless desire to follow their dreams. This same spirit describes Epic International Staffing Nurse Shanti. Originally from Nepal, Shanti came to the U.S. as a student to complete her nursing education. She chose Epic to help her obtain her green card after being referred by another Epic International Staffing nurse and achieved a successful placement at a U.S. healthcare facility within two months of starting the process. 

Prior to joining her new facility, Shanti completed her orientation, training, and clinical check-off in Epic International Staffing’s home office location in Nashville, TN. Her confidence and natural leadership shone through in these early beginnings — from organizing long weekends in the Great Smoky Mountains with new friends during orientation to facing the multitude of problem-solving opportunities that come along with learning a new place, Shanti’s outgoing attitude and excellent communication skills set the tone for her success.

Recently, Shanti was honored by her healthcare facility with a Service Excellence Award, which is given monthly to a deserving nurse who is nominated by their managers and co-workers. This award recognized her exemplary work and customer service to patients, co-workers and visitors.

As Shanti approaches the end of her 3-year contract with Epic, she shared some of her reflections on the experience in an interview with us. 


How would you describe your experience with Epic?

My experience with Epic has been very positive. An important factor to me was having a choice for the right match in terms of specialty and location. Epic remained transparent throughout the process. The legal counsel I received was also very helpful and after a few initial bumps, I had no problems, and it was smooth sailing to arrive on my assignment. 


Why do you believe you were nominated for your facility’s award recognizing excellence?

I go to work and do my best. Even though it’s busy, I always give my best work and rely on teamwork. 


What advice would you give to other nurses with a dream to come live and work in the U.S.?

Have faith in your dreams and goals, and trust in the people advocating for you at Epic. To be successful, the effort has to come from within you. 



Shanti’s experience speaks for itself – with hard work and the right agency to help achieve her goals, she has built a life and nursing career in the U.S. The Epic International Staffing team helps nurses and other clinicians like Shanti navigate the complexities of visa options, licensure, and sponsorship in order to help them reach the U.S. Good luck on your next adventure, Shanti!