Doreen is a registered nurse/midwife with 12 years of experience. Back home in Zimbabwe, she worked in multiple units including med-surg, maternity, and neonatal, which taught her the importance of being a team player and gave her an eagerness to learn. The need for a new challenge led Doreen to embark on her greatest adventure yet: going to America to realize her dream. In March 2020, her journey began with many obstacles that almost caused her to give up. In a recent interview with us, she shared her reflections on how perseverance and tenacity helped her achieve her dreams. 


How would you describe your journey through the NCLEX process?

I started my NCLEX preparations alone with scant information. It felt impossible until I connected with a healthcare consultancy agency in Zimbabwe, who coached me through the process of embarking to the U.S. At first, everything seemed a little confusing, but soon I began to understand bit by bit. Studying for the NCLEX was very challenging since I had to juggle both work and books. At times it got overwhelming, but I learned to be patient and persevere. In November 2020 I sat for my NCLEX and passed, the highest achievement of my life. Once I had the NCLEX behind me, the next phase of the process began and I was introduced to Epic International Staffing.

How would you describe your experience with Epic through the Recruitment, Immigration, Arrivals and Training processes?

At first I had a lot of uncertainty, fear, and questions about where I was going after passing my exam. It was scary to begin with different people, but I stepped into the right door. Epic took my hand all the way and helped me learn to be prompt. They are so professional and time-conscious, replying to my emails quickly. It seemed like the process took a long time, however once I reached the U.S. and listened to other nurses’ experiences, I learned how Epic really did go above and beyond to speed the process along. Everyone played their role diligently and my deployment to the U.S. was smooth and fast. 

What advice would you give to other nurses with a dream to come and live in the U.S.?

First and foremost, know what you really want, and put your all into studying for the NCLEX. Second-guessing the process only makes it frustrating for you and hard for the people willing to work with you. Patience is important. Learn more about the process and give those helping you the time and commitment. Now that I am here, I can already see endless opportunities. 

What are you enjoying most about the U.S.?

I enjoy the diverse surroundings with people from different backgrounds and cultures. The weather here is beautiful and I had the opportunity to also experience the festivities of Christmas. The work environment is a lot different with the opportunity to experience world-class technology. 

What were you most apprehensive about prior to coming to the U.S.?

The change of environment comes with a lot of responsibilities. Leaving home and the feeling of uncertainty of where I was going was overwhelming. But the huge welcome I received from Epic was amazing and I instantly felt at home. I also was not sure if I would find people I could relate to. I had the opportunity to meet other nurses from all over, and quickly learned that I did not have to relate to them, but I could love and appreciate them, and have made friends with most of them since then. I have a home away from home, and everything I hoped for is slowly being fulfilled. It is still an uphill climb to understand the processes and day-to-day living here, but I believe I am in the safest hands.

What do you hope for in the future?

I still believe there is more for me out here. I want to first build my confidence in my nursing practice, explore more specialty options before settling for one. I wish to have more financial freedom to also pursue my dream of traveling and seeing the world. In the most important ways, this has already begun. Thank you, Epic, for taking this road with me.


Doreen reached her goals with hard work, and choosing the right partners to help her through the process. The Epic International Staffing team helps nurses and other clinicians like Doreen navigate the complexities of visa options, licensure and sponsorship in order to help them reach the U.S. Apply today!