Healthcare Jobs In The USA

With Epic International Staffing’s ability to discover quality healthcare jobs in a variety of states and cities across the USA, we are your gateway to a bright future in healthcare. Uniquely qualified with your own set of special nursing skills, that perfect healthcare job in the USA is just moments away.

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Jobs in the Midwest Region

From the Great Plains to the Great Lakes, the Midwest embraces traditional lifestyles and values from its small towns and agricultural communities to big, industrial cities. Enjoy such sites as Mount Rushmore, the Chicago skyline, the Gateway Arch of St. Louis, and bison roaming Badlands National Park. The Midwest includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Jobs in the Mountain Region

A large and diverse region marked by mountainous terrain and scattered desert lands, the Mountain West is full of adventure and natural beauty. The climate is also diverse, ranging from snowy, rainy, cold areas to some desert areas that are primarily hot and dry. The Mountain Region includes Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Utah.

Jobs in the Northeast Region

Coastal plains, forested mountain ranges pocketed with lakes, and booming cities. Dense in population and in culture, you’ll find it all in the Northeast. See coastal towns rich with history, New York City – the city that never sleeps, and the wonder of Niagara Falls. The Northeast includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Jobs in the Northwest Region

The spectacular beauty of the Pacific Northwest is unrivaled. Its mild, wet climate results in lush green landscapes and vivid flowers. From Mount Rainier to the bustling city of Seattle to the breathtaking coastline beaches, you’ll quickly see why people fall in love with the Pacific Northwest, which includes Oregon and Washington states.

Jobs in the Southeast Region

Home to vernacular mountain farmsteads, historic plantations, Disney World, the Great Smoky Mountains, and various cities rich in culture, this region is known for its welcoming, southern hospitality. It tends to be mild and humid, boasting short winters and hot summers. The Southeast region includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Jobs in the Southwest Region

The land is primarily beautiful desert terrain spotted with small mountain ranges. Its vibrant community is a unique blend of Native American and Hispanic cultural influences. The Southwest region includes Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Jobs in the West Region

California is a land of dreams. It features Los Angeles – the city of stars, Yosemite National Park, the Golden Gate Bridge, and gorgeous beaches along its coastline. Its beautiful weather lends to happy dispositions, sunny skies, and fresh fruit year-round.