Congratulations! Your resume has been seen, qualified, and you are now on your way to an interview. Whether in person, via Skype or over the phone, be sure to be honest and sincere. You are a talented healthcare professional, compassionate and dedicated, but perhaps interviewing is not easy for you. Interviewing can be a stressful experience that can cause the most articulate person to get tongue-tied. Here are some great tips on what you can talk about during your interview so that you present yourself in the best possible light:

Talk about the organization. Do your homework before the interview and read up on your prospective healthcare employer. The Internet is the fastest and easiest route to go here. Doing research before the interview shows that you care and that you really want the job. Show that you have put forth this effort by asking thoughtful questions about the organization. Based on your research, talk about the organization’s needs and future plans. Offer ways in which you may be able to fit into these plans or help them achieve their goals. Avoid showing up without having any knowledge of your prospective employer. You don’t want to spend your precious interview time going over basic organizational information.

Talk about your problem-solving skills. Find an opportunity to talk about a difficult situation you have successfully resolved, and how it benefitted an individual patient or your old organization in general. If you are a new graduate, talk about a case you successfully worked on at school. It will showcase the type of value you can bring to your new employer. Avoid dumping on your previous employer, as this can come across as negative.

Tell a story. Telling an upbeat story about a work experience gives your prospective healthcare employer a positive insight into your personality, and how you conduct yourself at work. Avoid complaining about patients or tasks. You always want to portray yourself as a constructive, optimistic employee.

Ask your interviewer questions about their own experience. Ask your interviewer how long they have been with their healthcare organization, their role, and what they like best about working there. This showcases your communication, caring, and people skills, and also gives you good information you might not find on the organization’s website. Keep the questions positive. Avoid asking questions about their personal life, or soliciting negativisms about the organization.

Make sure you are being understood. Showcase your communication skills by asking your interviewer if they have any follow-up questions to an answer you gave, and ask your interviewer follow-up questions as well. Establishing clear lines of communication helps your interviewer understand you better, and demonstrates that you know how to communicate accurately in a work environment. Clear communications are of utmost importance in a healthcare environment, whether it’s provider to patient or provider to provider.

Ask for the job! If this healthcare organization looks like a great fit for you, go ahead and make it clear that you really want the job! Your prospective employer is going to want to hire a well-qualified individual who is eager to join their team. Your eagerness and enthusiasm may give you an edge over another candidate who did not come across in such a positive light, even if they are more qualified.

Finding the Perfect Healthcare Job, Getting Additional Help

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