Long-Term Medical and Nurse Staffing

Epic International Staffing has enhanced the quality of care across America for over 25 years through medical and nurse staffing; connecting providers and professionals to meet the growing need for qualified candidates in healthcare jobs across the United States. Our hands-on, One-to-One approach to medical and nurse staffing is how we help clients achieve long-term healthcare staffing solutions.

Long-term Staffing is One-to-One Relationships

Our One-to-One approach is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach. It is individually tailored for each professional and each organization to achieve optimum results. Once we create that perfect fit, we then surround both the clinician and client with a highly experienced support team to ensure long-term success for the duration of the assignment.

Specialists in Key Areas of Healthcare

We partner with clients to fill their medical and nurse staffing needs in a wide range of environments and facilities. Our long-term staffing solutions benefit hospitals, long-term care facilities, and more. We also have teams specializing in staffing behavioral and correctional facilities with well-seasoned staffing directors focused on maintaining quality of care in challenging environments.

Steady, Cooperative Partnerships

Unprepared staff and staffing shortages can make it difficult for you to deliver the care your patients deserve. We’re looking to not only solve staffing issues but also build a partnership focused on your long-term success. By listening closely to your needs and challenges, we build tailored contracts for long-term assignments that reduce staffing shortages and improve patient care. It’s a staffing partnership you can depend on.

“The Epic management team consists of a number of highly qualified clinical and program staff that have vast experience in meeting stringent requirements in a complicated service delivery system. Epic International Staffing has provided our region with reliable and excellent services. I recommend them highly to any entity or system that has a need for a steady, cooperative partner.”

- Sharon P

Passionate Advocates for Healthcare Professionals

To advance your healthcare career, you need a long-term champion and ally. From the moment you connect with us, we advocate for your personal success and we continue to do so after the first day of your new assignment. Throughout your staffing assignment, our support team offers clinical insights, problem-solving ideas, and career direction – bolstering your confidence as your day-to-day success unfolds.