Staffing With International Nursing Professionals

It remains a difficult task to resolve staffing shortages with competent healthcare professionals under the strain of nursing shortages in the US. Within the healthcare staffing community, Epic International Staffing is recognized as a pioneer in placing international nursing professionals to solve nursing shortages. Through the development, training, and acculturation of international nurses, healthcare organizations across America turn to Epic to find the talent they seek in their hour of need.

One-to-one Approach in International Recruiting

Our One-to-One approach focuses on the mutual success of the clinician and the healthcare facility. Epic International Staffing identifies qualified nurses worldwide who best match the requirements and demands of nursing jobs in the US. Candidates are first recruited internationally then trained by Epic in the US for precisely the position you need. Our individualized approach helps you gain licensed, English-speaking nurses on fixed-cost contracts – reducing staffing expenses while maintaining a high standard of care.

“I have been affiliated with Epic for approximately ten years. They have provided nurses that have been the primary source of nursing coverage in my facility. It is without reservation that I say their work ethic surpasses those of any agency I’ve personally utilized within the past twenty years.”

- Norma L

Clinical Assessments, Training, Acculturation, and More

Beyond recruitment, we take clinically qualified international nurses through an intensive orientation and clinical assessment period. International nurses grasp those important differences in US healthcare through Epic International Staffing training. We address technology in use, nursing roles and responsibilities, daily functionality within US healthcare facilities and much more.

Epic also addresses common lifestyle issues international nurses may encounter in the US that can impact clinical performance. We pinpoint key lifestyle factors, guiding and empowering them to establish bank accounts, secure transportation, build a wellness plan, and better understand American customs and culture. Our staff then travels with each international nurse to their new city or town. We help them acclimate to this new culture by literally experiencing their new neighborhood together, working to lay down a positive foundation for their new life in America.

During the contract period, Epic handles it all.

  • immigration/visa requirements
  • human resource functions, payroll, healthcare benefits, vacation, sick leave
  • professional liability insurance
  • full clinical training
  • support through a dedicated point of contact with a Client Staffing Specialist
  • nurse support through a Clinical Liaison for remediation challenges.
Solve your staffing shortages with international nurses motivated and prepared for long-term impact.