Career Nursing in the USA

You have spent years preparing for one of the most challenging and rewarding careers imaginable – nursing. You have completed your medical education and training. You have earned advanced certifications to enhance your skills for the ever-changing roles you face in hospitals and healthcare facilities. And today, you are ready for your biggest opportunity – to pursue a career in nursing in the USA.

But where do you begin?

How do you find your way to the next step– securing a position as a nurse in the United States? You have heard the stories of great success, but also of big disappointments when international nurses try to gain a job in the US. Who can you trust to guide you through this critical next step in your nursing career?
Guardian Healthcare Providers
We know how overwhelming the process of becoming a nurse in the United States can be. For over 25 years we’ve been placing international nurses just like you into desirable, long-term nursing jobs in the US. We travel the world in search of nursing professionals who are ready for meaningful healthcare careers in the US.

Developing a plan with you

Navigating the complexities of visa options, sponsorship, and licensure can be difficult. The Epic International Staffing team works with you to address these challenges and help you reach the US as quickly as possible. Our recruiters make sure you’re aware of the requirements and accreditations you need to transition to medical facilities in the US. We have built our system specifically to give you the support and preparation you need to achieve your dream of a nursing career in America.

“Once I landed at the airport, the staff from Epic came to pick me up. I could not feel that I was away from home as the hospitality by Epic International Staffing was very warm and welcoming. All the staff are very friendly and humble at the same time. As the name itself suggests, they were a guardian to me. They really guided me through the process. Whenever I had problems, they were always ready to help.

To be honest, I find myself very lucky being part of the Epic International Staffing Family.”

- Swasti, originally from Nepal

Preparing you for life and work in the US

All of Epic’s international nurses participate in a comprehensive orientation program at our corporate headquarters in Tennessee. This orientation takes place as soon as you arrive, before you are sent to your job location. Our program includes clinical training, as well as a unique acculturation program to prepare you for living and working in the United States.

When you have completed orientation, we travel with you to your first job. We join you in those first days in your new community, and we help you navigate the differences in culture and lifestyle. Our team at Epic International Staffing continues to guide you on Day 2 of your job and throughout your assignment to help you begin a meaningful and positive nursing career in America.

“I wanted to thank you, first of all, for the opportunity you have given me. I am now a family nurse practitioner, and I am set to open my own clinic in Mississippi. And this all started because you gave me a chance some 12 years ago.”
- Dee, originally from the Philippines

You have an opportunity to improve your quality of life, advance your career, work in one of the most dynamic healthcare environments in the world, and help patients in communities across America. Take that first step in your journey towards a new healthcare career in the United States.

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