F-1 visa holders are eligible to apply for permission to work. This is called Optional Practical Training (OPT) and allows F-1 students to train, and work, in a field that is related to their field of study. 

These are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding sponsorship for US Nurse Graduates who are eligible for an OPT. Epic International Staffing helps our clinicians navigate the complex situations presented by visa types and statuses.


How long is OPT?

International nursing students normally receive a 12-month OPT per educational level.


Is OPT before or after graduation?

OPT can either be before graduation (Pre-Completion OPT) or after graduation (Post-completion OPT). Epic International Staffing seeks only post-completion OPT candidates with 12 months of OPT.


When should students apply for OPT?

OPT application should be submitted 90 days before the student plans to start their practical training. 


Does the student need a job offer before applying for OPT? 

No, a student nurse does not need a job offer to apply for OPT. However, the nurse graduate is only allowed to have 90 days of unemployment throughout the duration of their post-completion OPT.


Is OPT a change of status? 

No, OPT is a benefit of F-1 status. To become or remain employed in the U.S. after the OPT has finished, the nurse will need to change their immigration status.


What happens after I get my OPT?

If you are offered and accept our contract, you will become a GHP employee. You will first receive training at the GHP corporate office and then get deployed to your worksite.  


For you to remain employed in the United States, Epic International Staffing will petition for your Adjustment of Status. (in this case an EB3 visa/Green Card/Permanent Resident status), after you are deployed to our client facility.  We will first Premium Process your I140 application – in this case an EB3 visa/Green Card/Permanent Resident status. Once your I140 is approved, Epic will begin your Adjustment of Status and apply for an Employment Authorization that allows you to work beyond your OPT status while you await your Green Card. 

Epic International Staffing helps their Nurses manage their status, file for a visa on time, and meet the other necessary requirements to live and work in the US. Call us today to help you navigate your path towards your goals.